‘Do I Have To Draw You A Picture?’

Finally, a cookbook that speaks to the reality of how cooking fits into our lives. Like it or not, it’s there every day. Everyone’s got to eat. The only questions that really need to be answered are how are we going to do it, who are we doing it for, how long is it going to take and what are we looking to get out of it.

Most cookbooks assume that you’ve already answered the majority of these questions by the time you pick them up. ‘Do I Have to Draw You A Picture’ guides you through answering these questions and helps you to pinpoint those dishes that will accomplish your own personal goals, no matter how self-indulgent they may be.

Sometimes it’s enough to know that you want to serve a salad, a main course and a dessert…but typically it’s not. That’s why the majority of us can spend hours pouring over countless cookbooks looking for that perfect recipe and find nothing but frustration and maybe the bottom of a wine glass. The reason for it is simple: those cookbooks don’t address what it is that you want or need to say with the food.

‘Do I have to Draw You A Picture’ changes all that with the help of 7 fun and forthright subcategories that are cross-referenced with the main categories in the Table of Contents. With one quick scan, the reader can find any number of dishes which would address their needs in their circumstance:

Depression Fighters – “Life sucks – let’s eat!”
Belly Pleasers – “Get in my Belly!”
Divine Creations – “They’ll never know it’s Spam”
Point Scorers – “You know I’m better than you, don’t you?”
Time Keepers – “Of course I’ve been cooking all day!”
Mood Setters – “You’ll lick more than just the plate”
Fillers – “It’s the best I could do with what I’ve got. You’re not company, so be grateful’.

Cooking is personal, private and not always pretty. This comes across loud and clear with Jan Jolly’s hand-drawn crayon illustrations, personal accounts and honest admissions of her own short-comings (and many of those around her!)

It is perhaps the first cookbook written by a Bitch for a Bitch, as well as one that you’ll want to actually sit down and READ. (keep that glass of wine handy!)

$9.95 Ebook (Downloaded version)

$1,000,000.00 Hard color-copy, coil-bound and autographed by the Bitch (shipping extra)

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2nd book – ‘Bitch! And make up for it later with your cooking?’ – Coming soon!

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