This is just a warning...

It's sooooo much easier to be a critic than it is to be the one being critisized. Go figure.

In the spirit of fair play, I've decided that as I'm willing to put my own culinary successes and failures out there for the world to see, I should be able to reward myself by subjecting other people to the same form of torture and humiliation.

As much as I enjoy cooking..and cooking for people I care for (and even some I don't particularly like)...there are moments when I really just prefer to sit back and watch someone else do get loaded on a decent albeit outrageously over-priced bottle of wine (or two)...and either berate or moon over the efforts and expertise of a professional.  AND to pay for the priviledge of doing so.

I like to go out...I like to try new places, new things and new foods...and have decided to share the results of those findings with you here.  I will not be over-the-top in my review.  I will not be the stuffy English journalist who's feared by restaurants and condescending to their readers.  I'm just looking to enjoy....and to point you in the direction of something that I think you might enjoy as well.  But hell, I just wouldn't be BitchyCook if I didn't tell you about the total flops as well!!! 

My reviews for the moment will be limited to the Calgary area...but I'll take you with me as I travel, if ever I'm able to again! 

Your reviews are also welcome...from wherever you are.  Feel free to email them to me, or just to suggest a place in town that I should review.  Send it all here.

Once I post a review, I'll also let the restaurant know that it's been done and allow them to post their own comments about it.  I think I'll have to tell them that they've been 'Bitch slapped'.

I'm working on the cooking and food aspect now...but in due time, these reviews may well branch out into everything else that I spend any amount of time on.  Books, Television shows, movies....hell, God forbid BitchyCook starts to review her own relationships or those of her friends!!!!!!!!!!!!




Bitch Slapped!
Who will be our next victim?


 Laurier Lounge

One of Calgary's top 5 Martini Bars

Bitchy Review Coming Soon!!



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