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Alright so, the bottom line is that you’re not a complete idiot in the kitchen, but you just don’t have enough time or interest to actually sit down and plan out the perfect meal, for the perfect occasion, for your sometimes less than perfect company.

You have little or no problem with the actual preparation of the meal, once you get focused on what it is that you’re actually meant to be doing. Problem is that by the time you finish going back and forth about it, the planning has completely stressed you out and you don’t want to bother with the actually cooking!!! Finally, there’s help. The Bitch herself, who prefers to remain behind the scenes and do nothing but take credit (or cash), is now available for consultation and menu planning. Just complete the form below to give a clear picture of the kind of event you’re planning, and the The Bitch will guarantee a response in as little as 24 hours* s with a menu tailored to suit and a grocery list so that you can hit the ground running. How much is it gonna cost you? A measly $39.95 (plus GST, in Canada). I suspect that most of you would probably agree that your time is worth more than that…and hell, if you don’t, then you probably can’t afford to be entertaining anyways!! 

I'm still working on this, so give me a break.  If you're in a hurry and just can't fathom planning a meal without my help, then contact me below.

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