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Air Canada is just another budget airlineo

I haven't had much occasion lately to fly with Air Canada. Honestly, they don't often have the best pricing for the places I want to go.  I normally base my travel plans on those red hot deals that come through my email, from places like Travelzoo, and it usually ends up being something by Westjet or Sunquest that gets my attention.  So I was surprised recently when Air Canada ponied up with a decent fare to Honolulu from Calgary. I was at the time, willing to forgive the shitty return travel times (we often overlook that when we're only concerned with getting there.

Air Canada's fare was pretty great we thought, until we checked in for our flight and realized that there's a baggage allowance of 0 per person.  You know what? I'd understand that if I was just taking a 30 minute cruise up to Edmonton and one could expect that I might just be satisfied with a carry on bag ( cause who Really wants to STAY in Edmonton??), but this is 7 hours of flying time! There is just no question that in such circumstances, you'd have to assume people are requiring a checked  bag - so it seems to me then to be something of a 'bait and switch' game to entice me to buy a ticket ( or 2) and then hit me with a baggage fee of $45 at the airport.

I still don't understand the purpose of the'self checkin' kiosks - as now you've got all your passengers fumbling with machines that they aren't familiar with and AC personnel standing around waiting to help them through the frustration. After that of course, you STILL have to visit the other AC person to actually weigh your $45 bag and check your documents again. This is just a plain stupid use of resources, and one not unique to AC.

More later....can't wait to tell you about the service, or lack thereof, on the flight.

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