The only thing worse than a Bitchy Cook, is a FAT Bitchy Cook




We're now in our 6th Round (October 24rth - November 21st), and currently have 23 registered members, with 10 participating this month. They've contributed a total of $250.00 this month.  Now that I'm posting it on Bitchycook also, I'm expecting that number to skyrocket! 

Here's the letter to my friends and family that started it all:

Hi Ladies and Gents...

You’re reading this, either because I care about you, or someone I know cares about you – that’s about all the credibility that I can offer you.  Please read it, and either respond to me directly, or send it on to someone you know who might – but do it quickly, because time is of the essence; we’re getting fatter every day.

So here’s the straight goods; and me in a nutshell:

1) I’m Bitchy.

     2) I’m Fat .

     3) Worrying about getting (or losing) a partner based on my figure, is just NOT in my genetic makeup.

      4) I’m too old to have a kick ass metabolism.

      5) I REALLY enjoy my wine, and good food (if not a bag of cookies in the privacy of my pantry after 11pm).

      6) I’m beginning to actually NOTICE that my weight is the beginning of old people health problems.

      7) Even my fat clothes think they’re too skinny for me.

8) I know myself to be MUCH better looking when I’m a fraction of my size, no matter how ‘beautiful’ you think my face is.

     9) Honest to God, I KNOW that sex is much better when the panting DOESN’T come from rolling over (or around; or whatever).

     10) I’m on the downside of 40; picking up wicked speed on the downhill plunge, the larger I get.

So – having admitted to all of the above; I know I’m not the only one.

Several of you I know (and so many more whom I don’t), are sick and tired of losing our weight management battles (and then beating ourselves up for not even caring). I am hereby deciding to instead turn my attention to the two things that motivate me the most:

                                      1) Money,                AND               2) Competition.

I’ve organized a new club, under our ’Bitchy’ brand.  And yes, there’s no other way to describe it: we are

BitchyFat. Participants all put $25.00 into a pot (my pot, yes – so trust is a factor at this early stage) – and do whatever they need to do over 4 weeks to get healthy. Winning is based on percentages of inches/lbs lost – not just one or the other – so all bodies have a fair shot.  At the end of the competition; winner takes it all!  So lose your Pot, and win mine!.

All in the club are encouraged to bitch/complain/whine/encourage and show off. The more people we get in the group – the more money that stands to be won – and let’s face it – even the losers win!

As it stands – contest #1, ($200 Pot) is set to expire on June 22nd (which I’m intending to win, btw!) but there’s still time to get in line for Month 2, which starts June 25th and runs 4 weeks – closing 6pm Sunday July, 22nd.

I’m totally serious about this – and hope that you will be too.  If all goes well – this could be a monumental event for all of us.  So please, join me – and others that you care about.

If you’re interested, please send an email to  and I’ll send you some more information about the club.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jan Jolly

Big Fat Bitch



Current policies and protocols of the club can be viewed here.


                                      “Fat may make you Bitchy, but being Bitchy doesn’t make you Fat!

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