BitchyFAT Policies & Procedures

Yes, believe it or not, there really are protocols and procedures for being both Bitchy and Fat.  Nothing is sacred these days.  After a number of months and a few challenges, you’ve already pissed us off to have incited us to come up with the following:                                           

                                                                                                 We swear...

1. The club is open to both men and women, who are over 18 years old.

2. Membership in our club is completely voluntary, and any commitment is only made on a 4 week basis.  

3. Challenges will require a minimum of 4 participants in order to proceed.

4. Participants who choose to opt in/then out/then in are subject to extreme sarcasm and berating by Bitchy Fat staff—but we’ll still take your money.

5. Participation costs $25 per month, and is payable via paypal through your registration for any given round at Participation will only be confirmed once payment is received.

6. The club is intended to promote a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss must be attributable to a healthier diet and/or increased exercise only. (Breast feeding has been categorized as naturally occurring exercise as is therefore permitted; surgery on the other hand? - umm, no.)

7. Participants are required to avail themselves of a scale and a dress maker’s tape measure to quantify results.  All weight      measurements should be done on the same scale in order to ensure accuracy. Lbs and cms are the required measurements.

8. Participants are encouraged to take pictures of themselves before and after each challenge—for their own amusement. A picture of their feet ON the scale, clearly showing the weight is a minimum requirement—should we ask to verify your results.

9. Participants are expected to measure any part of their body which they wish to become smaller as a result of a healthy lifestyle.  Bicep (women), Boobs (women/men), Under Boobs, waist, hips, pot, upper thigh, calf are all options.  Choose no more than 7. If you have a fat neck, feel free to measure that..  Just be sure to measure all the same parts, in the same fashion, on your end date.  Recording sheets are available

10. Results are determined based on percentage of total loss for each individual; a combination of cms and pounds. Lowest score wins. A negative score (indicating some loss), is required to win.  Absence of such a score will result in the POT being rolled over into the next month, although the top 3 Fat Bitches will receive free entry into the following round.

11. 3rd place finish is free next round, 2nd place is also free AND is paid $25.00.  1st place is free and receives the balance of the pot). As a result, $75.00 from current pot automatically rolls into the next, before winnings are paid. Gotta keep ‘em motivated!

12. Each round will commence at 9am on Start day, and terminate at 6pm on End day. Statistics may be submitted at any time, via email, in advance of those deadlines.

13. Results will be tabulated and the winner announced and paid (again via email transfer), within 24 hours of the completion of a challenge.

14. We’ll administrate the club for free until we reach 10 participants in a round..after that, we’d like to be paid. 20% of your fee will go to administration, the remaining 80% into the POT.  We’re sure you can all imagine the fun we’ll have rolling around in all of that cash! <snort>.       

                                                                                                  You swear….

15. You attest to the fact that you’re both Bitchy and Fat, but promise not to use either one as an excuse for the other.

16. Just because you’re Bitchy and Fat, doesn’t mean you’re a liar.  Honesty and good faith is paramount to the success of our club, so you promise to be truthful in all representations of yourself and your statistical reporting. 

17. You promise not to use any artificial or harmful supplements/practices or procedures in order to influence the results of your challenge.  Fasting, synthetic diet supplements, binge eating prior to the start of a competition and/or surgery are not to be used in order to pad results. 

18. You agree to provide all required stats prior to all 6pm MST deadlines (starting, midway and final). Failure to do so will result in the use of your last known statistics (starting figures will be the first ones that you provide), and may result in a BitchyFat ban!

19. Once you’re in—you’re in.  You can’t back out because you failed to follow through.  No refunds.

20. You promise to do all that you can to market BitchyFat and entice your Fat friends to join our club, all in an effort to increase the size of our monthly Pot, and to decrease theirs.


                                Fat may make you Bitchy, but being Bitchy doesn’t make you Fat!


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