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The Bitch is Back!!!!!!!
By Bitchy Cook
Last Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 11:02:12 AM
The Bitch is Back!!!!!!!
By Bitchy Cook Locked - Author 
Last Updated: 10/21/2009 10:46:11 AM Locked - Date 

Yes, I know...It's been months.  Sorry about that.  In fact, I still can't promise that I'll be back on a daily basis, but I will check in more frequently.

I'm still cooking....still bitching....just in different different people.  Same shit, different pile, I think they say.

I will I expect...let you in on bits and pieces of what's transpired over the course of the last 14 the mood strikes me, but you'll have to wait for the book for the full expose (don't hold your breath waiting for that one either).

For now, I'll simply apologize to all of my faithful followers who continued to surf the site looking for inspiration despite my absence, and promise to be more mindful about adding new recipes and new ideas.



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