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Birthday Parties - The Next Generation
By Bitchy Cook
Last Updated: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 at 4:13:46 PM

I always hated planning my kids' birthday parties.

Scratch that - there was a time long before they could walk and talk and generally make their own demands, when their parties consisted of my friends, my food and my drinks.  Any excuse for a party and photo opps in exchange for an overly extravagant gift for the 'guest of honor'.

Soon enough though, I started having to invite strangers into my home. Strange kids...stranger parents.  Who knew what they thought a party should be - or what a hostess shouldn't be (read: a slovenly, beer-swilling, truck driver-talking, cigarette smoking, bitchy cook).  I was thrust into playing the role of the perfect mother, who's only goal in life was to see her children happy and joyful on their special day.  Yeah, ok.  Frankly, I'm all for them being happy, but let's face it, their happiness is usually a by-product of my own.

I resigned myself to it and took pride instead in coming up with some new and wonderful, creative theme or location for the party, executing it perfectly, and then coming home exhausted and dying for that drink and cigarette that had been eluding me for the last 6 hours.

I had resigned myself to this as my lot in life....Until today.

It's my daughter's 10th birthday...a big deal I was informed...double digits.

Girls at this age are precarious creatures.  Frankly, it's difficult to determine who their friends are from one day to the next.  You'd hope that would just be me having a problem keeping up, but sadly, it's even harder for them.  I'm just hearing about it....she's living it.  Perhaps another subject in itself, best left for another day.

The decision with regard to her party came down to this: Invite your closest friends, and you can take them out for a fancy, 'grown up' dinner and to a movie.  A sophisticated girls' night out, not unlike those that I experience myself.  No sleepover. No huge mess to clean up. No major preparation.  She was thrilled and I was ecstatic.

I packed the back seat of the truck with accent pillow, left them cold drinks in the cup holders and picked them all up at their doors.  As we hit the road, I cranked the musice and they all started bouncing in their seats.

I'd put a baseket of candy in my passenger seat and started grabbing handfuls of it and throwing it back at them, yelling 'appetizers!!!!!!'.  They were beside themselves.

When we got to the the restaurant, Halo - steak, seafood and wine bar, I got the girls settled and helped them decide what to order.

They handled the ordering themselves, and once I spoke to the waitress and let know of my scheme, I disappeared upstairs into the quiet seclusion of the bar. Yay!

So here I sit, 2 hours into my daughter's most impotant birthday party to date, in a bar, enjoying my martini, quaffing my scallop-stuffed salmon in brandy cream sauce..and writing to you.

The girls are completely thrilled to be out for a night 'on the town', ostensibly on their own.  This is totally the way to go.

As soon as I suck back my drink, I'm off downstairs to move them through dessert and the gift opening.  Happily, I left them with my camera so that they could record the highlights in my absence. My daughter will hand will distribute their 'gift bags' that, in keeping with the them of the evening, contain dark sunglasses, my daughter's handmade hairbands, various manicure accessories, lip gloss and a caramilk bar.  Sophisticated is as sophisticated does.

Have to move them along to their movie - Nim's island starts at 7:20pm.

I surprisingly, am looking forward to sitting in the back of the theatre...alone...keeping an eagle eye on the girls, but at a safe distance so that I'm not forced to admit they're mine.

All of this, an ice cream stop on the way home, and it's all over by 10pm.

Now that's more bang for your buck!

I so win.

Happy Birthday, my girl!

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