Seventy-Nine in Okotoks, Alberta
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Last Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 1:01:59 PM
Seventy-Nine Restaurant
Seventy-Nine Restaurant in Okotoks, Alberta

"What to say...what to say? I'd suggested this restaurant for two reasons

1) the guy who did my hair in Okotoks last time said it was terrific...expensive...but terrific..and

2) I had a gift certificate from my home builder.

I had really hoped that it would be a terrific little find...some undiscovered gem that I could sing the praises of to those that I know in Calgary.  Most especially since I live in the deep South of the city, I was really thrilled that I could be there more quickly than I could ever get downtown.

Unfortunately, it was completely and utterly diappointing." (Summer, 2008)

Interesting that I remember that, but nothing else.  This is a review that I'd started years ago, and hidden because I hadn't finished it.  Looking for the restaurant now, I can't find it perhaps the damn place closed, and my review was just foretelling its demise.  Probably a good thing...hopefully it's making more money now as a 'massage parlour' or a 'hookah bar'.

Lemme know what you know! (Sept 2012)


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