So… you found it. Bully for you.
Do you know what you’re getting into here?

Let’s be frank. is the brainchild of a bitch, developed by a man who was at one time married, to a bitch. He got out - maybe you should too? 

This site, honestly, needs some work.  The calendar isn't working - so it's true that I haven't been eating butter chicken every day for the last 4 years of my life.  Revisions to the software haven't quite filtered all the way down to the exwife at this point - just one of the few disadvantages of being in my position.  Paid work apparently, comes first for the renowned 'F/EX' (Friendly ex who remains my go to guy for all things technical and website related.  So soon...I'll pay...cause I think you all are worth it, even if you continue to fail to respond to my requests for comments and engaging dialogue. 

In the mean time...I'll continue to air my grievences with human kind at will through the blog; review restaurants at my leisure; and to provide recipes that move me as I come across them.  Take what you can and leave the rest.

Oh, and don't forget, I've also launched my BitchyFAT weightloss club, which allows its participants to work their asses off for the chance to win some cash! BitchyFAT will eventually be found in pure, unadulterated glory right here, next to BitchyCook.  Check out some preliminary information here, and then when you're ready to accept the fact that you also, are one FAT Bitchy person, then you can join us online for free here.


Welcome to my world.
Bitchy Cook 
Your leader - Jan Jolly

Bitchycook explores two areas which seem to envelop the majority of my life: bitching and food, and the effects that both have on my life and the lives of those around me. I do both well. I do both everyday, with varying degrees of success or gratification, but always, Always, with a healthy dose of scathing sarcasm and wit.

This site is intended to be a forum for self-indulgence and self-reflection, for bitches around the world. It’s expected that you’ll find many things here that you’ll be able to laugh at or relate to, but it’s also our hope that you’ll become a frequent visitor who’ll make your own contributions. I’m certainly aware that I don’t corner the market on bitching, but I absolutely have a terrific share.

I’m not solely interested in presenting a pretty picture about cooking (or bitching). I have my arsenal of great dishes that I’m continually looking to expand. These wind up in the books (Do I have to Draw You A Picture? – available for purchase here and ‘Bitch! And Make up for it with your cooking’ – available soon). I have my share of failures that I still put in front of my family and hope like hell they’ll eat it. What sets apart from the rest though is that I’ll share these failures with you as well. Of course everybody makes mistakes, and of course you’re not going to turn around and try to recreate my own versions of crap in your own kitchen, but who doesn’t get a kick out of being able to laugh at someone else’s failures in the privacy of their own home? Well, we can be sure that you do, because you’re a bitch. 

This site is updated on a daily basis and we’re always plotting an there’s always something new. Not a day goes by that I don’t have to feed somebody or I can’t find something to bitch about.


What's for Dinner?
Butter Chicken
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